Setting up your Team Atlantis member series autoresponder campaign in your TrafficWave account is very easy to do.
Follow these step by step instructions.
Take your time setting this up. The easiest way to do it is to have two browser windows open at the same time. One with these instructions and another with your TrafficWave account. Then you can move back and forth between the two pages to see what to do and then to do it.

Login to your TrafficWave account and click on AutoResponder Campaign Manager

Click on Create New Campaign. This is on the left side of your screen.

The screen you will now see will look like this: 
In the box next to New Campaign Nickname, add the Campaign Name from your instructions. In the box next to Description add Team Atlantis.
Click on Verify My Nickname.

On the next screen, click on Move To Step 2
Scroll down and click on Add new URL Token.  Clink on this twice.

You will see this:

You will be adding information to these fields that will be similar to what is in the fields in the image above.
Please be sure to add your own information listed below...
Under Signature Tokens Add:
In "Your Return E-mail Name: Add Your Name
In "Your Return E-mail Address: Add your email address - preferably a gmail address
In "Campaign Title:  Add Team Atlantis
In "Company Name:  Leave blank
In "Phone Number:  Leave blank unless you’re comfortable in sharing it.
Under URL Tokens Add: 
URL 1:  Your TrafficWave affiliate pay plan link.  Replace “USERNAME” with your TrafficWave user name.
URL 2:  Enter your TrafficWave affiliate link.
Replace "USERNAME" with your TrafficWave user name.
Then Click on Move to Step 3

Click on “Use the postal address from my Member Profile”.

Click on Move To Step 4
Tick the button that says "First Name/Last Name".

Click on Move to Step 5

It is very important that you mark the box that asks to have an email sent to you when someone subscribes because this will send you notification of subscriber and you will then be able to send a personal follow up.  As, me Didi Wargo, Atlantis Team Leader for our personal follow up letter.

In the middle, white box, change the text to read “Thank you for requesting Team Atlantis’ exciting details.  This is what people will read when they receive your confirmation email to subscribe. Add a short, personal note of you wish. DO NOT add any urls to that box. It is against the law!

You will have to click in the agreement box above. Read the agreement and click in the box.
Then click on Finish.

Adding the pre-written letters.
The next page you will see looks like this:
Click on Retrieve Published Campaign in the left menu. You will then see this:
Click on the circle in front of Retrieve OTHER Pre-Written Autoresponder Letters. Your screen will look similar to this:
In the Autoresponder ID Number box, add the Series ID Number 195213
In the 5 digit code box, add the Passcode 21273.
From the drop down menu, select the name of the autoresponder you just created (teamatlantis).
Click on the Retrieve button under the pink box.
A warning will pop up telling you that this action cannot be undone. Click on OK.

That is it. Your autoresponder campaign is set up and ready for use.
If you decide to check out the letters that you just added to your campaign you will see several odd looking thinks like **SIG_URL1**. Please do not remove these. They are bringing in the information to your letters that you have set up in Signature Tokens. They will be replaced with the correct information when they are sent to your subscribers.

You can test this by subscribing to your own autoresponder.

Don't forget to unsubscribe after you have tested your autoresponder.