Question: How many PAID Referrals will TEAM ATLANTIS RISING provide me with?
TEAM ATLANTIS RISING provides unlimited PAID TW Referrals.

Question: How much will participating in TEAM ATLANTIS RISING' phenomenal TrafficWave team build cost me?
Answer: The only fee that you will incur is TrafficWave's monthly subscription fee of $17.95. TEAM ATLANTIS RISING does not charge a dime for its services and benefits.

Question: How and what does TrafficWave pay its affiliate?
Answer: Please hover of the TrafficWave tab above and select “affiliate pay plan”.

Question: Do I have to pay for/upgrade my TrafficWave account right away?
Answer: Yes, a member must upgrade their TrafficWave account the same day they join us.

Question: Why can't I take advantage of TrafficWave's thirty (30) day free trial offer.
Answer: Because we have learned through experience that most people who join as a free trial member do not pay for their account at the end of that thirty (30 )day free trial; thus wasting my time and their sponsor's time.

Question: What is the team hit requirement to our team pages?
Answer: If you chose either option 1 or Option 3, the team hit requirement for our team pages is 750 hits/views per week. There is no hit requirement to TEAM ATLANTIS RISING' personal pages.

Question: How can I track my own hits?
Answer: I recommend that members use Rotatortrafic to track their hits. You would add your team link below into a rotator and then promote the rotator link that contains your team ad. You will need a rotator when you begin helping your TW direct referrals anyhow. This is free.
Please join Rotatortrafic here: https://rotatortrafic.com/?rid=2388

Question: What if I don't meet the team's hit count requirement each week?
Answer: Answer: Members who repeatedly miss the mark, without explanation, will be skipped and will not receive their promised PAID TW referrals.

Question: When are the team hits tallied?
Answer: The team hits are tallied every Monday at 8:00 a.m. CST

Question: How can I know my position in the straight line rotator?
Answer: Simply send an email to me asking this question. Didi Wargo at oceanswellatlantis.com

Question: How long will it take for me to receive PAID referrals from the team's straight line rotator?
Answer: I honestly wish that I had a Crystal Ball that could tell me and you how long that it would be before you were in the TEAM ATLANTIS RISING' hot seat to receive PAID referrals from the team's straight line rotator. There are simply too many variables involved.
Variables include but are not limited to:
1. Your promoting efforts
2. The team's promoting efforts (team promotions are super awesome)
3. Number of quitters (very high retention rate)
4. How many members get 'skipped' ahead of you for not promoting.

Now then, you can receive referrals at any time through personal promotions. I provide our members with personal pages and a personal member letter series that contain that member's link upon request.

Question: Can I check my hits with you from day to day?
No. Our hits are sent out to be tallied. You can view your hits on this website. Hover over the tab "Promote Team Atlantis" and select member only specials.

Didi Wargo
Atlantis Team Leader