There are essentially two types of pages that are routinely advertised in the Traffic Exchanges, these being Splash Pages and Capture Pages.

The main difference between the two is that a splash page will have a clickable link which will take you to a website, whereas a capture page has a section where the person interested will enter their name and email address. This will then place this prospect into your TrafficWave autoresponder, thus enabling you to send out an automated letter series explaining your business.

Obviously, the most effective page to create and help build your list is the capture page and there are 2 ways to do this...a free way and a paid way. There are a couple of sites that I really like and they are SplashPageMaker and AdKreator. Both will get the job done.

SplashPageMaker is very simple to use.  The cost to join SplashPageMaker on a silver membership is $9.95 per month.  This allows you to make 5 splash pages.  There are also other upgrade options available including a one time offer special.  Trust me, this REALLY is a one time offer. 

AdKreator has way more bells and whistles than SplashPageMaker.  It can be complicated at first but once you've done a couple of ads it's a breeze.  Ad Kreator will allow you to join free so that you can learn your way around and create one free ad without the HTML code.  

TEAM ATLANTIS RISING uses AdKreator almost exclusivly now.   Once you are comfortable with this excellent site and are ready to create additional ads, you'll need to upgrade so that you can place your HTML capture code in it.  Upgrade cost is $19.95 a month and you will have the abillity to create unlimited ads for whatever it is that you are involved with.  I love it!

If you get stuck and need help with either Splash Page Maker or AdKreator, just shoot me an email and I'll be happy to assist you.  :-)

Feel free to use my personal links. :-)



The only thing that I ask if you are creating TEAM ATLANTIS RISING pages is that you do not make outrageous claims.  For example...  "Make 88,000 a month"...  Those types of ads are unacceptable.

Usually, the only tricky part when creating a capture page outside of TrafficWave would be knowing where to get your "capture code" from Trafficwave.

To find your capture code in TrafficWave, click on the autoresponder tab, select the campaign that you are working with , and under the "capture pages/forms" tab select the second option in the drop down menu "capture forms". Scroll down the page and you will find a blue box which is your HTML Source code for your capture code. Click on select all, and copy/paste this into the ad that you are creating.

Instructions for Creating a TrafficWave Hosted Capture Page:  This is free to TrafficWave affiliates.

Note:  TEAM ATLANTIS RISING members, feel free to create your own capture page in your TrafficWave account.  But please remember that we need to maintain the minimum hit requirement to the team ads.  :-)

1. Click on the autoresponder tab.

2. In the white drop down menu on the right, select the campaign you wish to create a capture page for (this will ensure that any prospects that fill out your ad details go into this campaign autoreponder and receive your automated letter series)

3. Click on "capture pages/forms" tab and select "hosted capture pages" from the drop down menu.

4. Click on "create New Hosted capture page" button (brown button).

5. Enter your capture page nickname in the blank box.

6. Choose a page design in the drop down menu. To view each page design, click on the magnifying glass icon after you have made your selection..change your selection until you get what you like.

7. Tick the box for "Make this Page Information my safety page"

8. In the Headline box type in what you wish your headline to be. For a TEAM ATLANTIS RISING ad, "TEAM ATLANTIS RISING" is a good heading.

The following "texts" are examples can put anything you like in here.....

9. In the subheadline box type "TEAM ATLANTIS RISING Continues To Be TrafficWave's Top Team Build After Nearly Five (5) Years."

10. In the paragraph 1 box type "TEAM ATLANTIS RISING -Fail Proof System of Recruiting PAID TrafficWave Referrals."

11. In the paragraph 2 box type "The new "multi rotator system is putting our members in profit in record time!"

12. I would leave the paragraph 3 box empty, otherwise your splahpage becomes too long but you are free to add content here if you wish.

13. In the signature name box add your name and title..iexxxxxxx, Member of TEAM ATLANTIS RISING, for example.

14. In the signature email box add your email.

15. I usually leave the signature URL box blank.

16. Click on "create New Capture Page" button.

17. To view what your capture looks like, click on the magnifying icon on the right at the bottom of the page next to the capture page URL.

18. To edit your capture page, click on the magnifying icon on the left next to the campaign name.

19. Your capture page is now ready to promote using the URL on the right.

Each time someone adds their details into your capture page, they will go into your autoresponder (read creating a TW campaign) and will begin to receive your automated letter series.

Didi Wargo, Atlantis Team Leader