I am so dog gone excited I could just cry.

I am so glad that I joined Traffic Wave, but more so that I got you for a team leader. I just want to thank you so much for all the help that you have given me and all other members.

Again, thank you so much. I AM REALLY EXCITED!!!!!

Darrel Cannon
HI Didi,

I really don't know where to begin. Words are not enough to thank you for everything you have done for me, and every other member of TEAM ATLANTIS RISING.

You are not just a great Team Leader, you are a Mentor, a Teacher and an awesome Motivator. We are your students and you care so much that we do well and succeed. You show your pleasure when we do succeed and scold us if we don't do our homework and rightly so.

Without you and the team I would never have reached Tsunami level, not ever..

You taught me to have something that I've never had in my life and I'm now 75yrs young and it was the most important thing of all to be successful online-- and that was PATIENCE -- We MUST be Patient.

Everything you said was true, everything you promised happened. I just hope that every single person in TEAM ATLANTIS RISING realizes how fortunate they are.

I thank you with all my heart and wish you every success in the world.

Malcolm Simmonds
Hi Didi!

I am so excited I can hardly believe it! I received my 5th signup yesterday just a week after receiving my first member. TEAM ATLANTIS RISING rocks! Thanks to all you do. TEAM ATLANTIS RISING brings success where many fail and give up when on their own. If it weren't for you, I never would have come back to Traffic Wave and made it this far. Moreover, with our team spirit, I am happy to have made some new friends and online partners.

With warmest regards,
Jeremy Johansen
Dear Didi,

For the FIRST TIME in my years of trying to earn extra money on the internet from home, the opportunity, program, company,business, scam,scheme I joined up with, HAS DONE EXACTLY WHAT IT PROMISED FROM DAY ONE OF ME JOINING! Traffic Wave on its' own is a terrific business. But what you have done with TEAM ATLANTIS RISING, carried on from the original Ocean Swell model, is simply amazing. I'm using the word "simply" on purpose. I only had to do two "simple things" for me to end up with 3 PERSONALLY SPONSORED DOWN LINE MEMBERS to be placed into MY Traffic Wave downline. (1) Pay the extremely affordable $17.95 monthly subscription fee to Traffic Wave. (2) Surf for 200 credits on the Traffic Exchanges every day. That is all you ever told me I needed to do, and because I never surfed less then 1 to 2 hours per day, I went flying past the minimum of 200 credits per day on the TE's.

All I can say is THANK YOU Didi, and to our entire TEAM ATLANTIS RISING you built from scratch with just your first 5 down line members from TEAM ATLANTIS RISING! ~~~~ Vinny Ferrentino
Hi Didi,
Just wanted to Thank You and the rest of the Team for doing such a terrific JOB. I got my first check from TW, YAhooooooooooooo!

I had been with TW for over a year with 2 different programs and didn't do any good til I found TEAM ATLANTIS RISING.
Thank You Didi, for being such a great Team Leader and to TEAM ATLANTIS RISING for being such a great Team.

It took me about 3 months to get in the rotator and get my 5 signups but it was well worth it. Now I have got back almost 2 times what I paid in and that is not all, my commissions will be paying my monthly FEE.

To the complete Team's Success!

In my search on the Internet for a solid business I could depend on, I spent a great deal of time sifting through all the junk and unreal promises circulating online. I had seen many ads on the traffic exchanges for TEAM ATLANTIS RISING but I never took the time to ask for information. Knowing the quality of the TrafficWave autoresponder system, the program we promote, I decided to ask for information. Right away I could tell TEAM ATLANTIS RISING was much different than any program I had reviewed and boy was I right!

Didi Wargo, our team leader, is truly amazing with her commitment, her caring for our members and her organizational skills are some of the best I have seen in this business. I challenge any one to find a better run program on the Internet. Didi delivers was she promises and I am completely committed to making this my full time income.

If you are on the fence trying to decide to join TEAM ATLANTIS RISING, please don't wait any longer. This is the truly the opportunity you have been waiting for. ~~~~ Mike Powers
My name is Duncan Macfadyen and I am fairly inexperienced at internet marketing. What a revelation its been working with Didi and having her help me,Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is ever too much trouble for her and she has helped me so much getting everything set up . So even if you find internet marketing daunting you could not get a better mentor and coach to help you build your traffic wave downline.I would urge you all to join now and reap the financial rewards in the future that TEAM ATLANTIS RISING and traffic wave can bring you. ~~~~ Duncan Macfadyen
Didi Wargo has done an excellent job building TEAM ATLANTIS RISING. The support I have received from Didi has alwys been quick and responsive, and I've already seen results! I have received my first three PAID TrafficWave referrals through TEAM ATLANTIS RISING and my downline in TW is growing. I LOVE IT! No drama, just RESULTS! I wholeheartedly recommend TEAM ATLANTIS RISING! ~~~~ Debbie Day
I just did my own "Happy Dance" -- I just RECEIVED MY FIRST CHECK IN THE MAIL FROM TRAFFIC WAVE -- wooooo-hoooo!!!!! That is SO exciting. And ALL THANKS TO YOU AND TEAM ATLANTIS RISING. Sorry if I am screaming in your ear but I am SO EXCITED.

So to everyone waiting for placements -- be patient, promote, promote, promote, your turn WILL come, TEAM ATLANTIS RISING DELIVERS!!

Patience and persistence pays!

Thanks again and bless you!
Gwen Nolan
Hi Didi,
Wow!!! This is Great!! I made it to Tsunami Level in only 5 Months!! I can't believe this, I know people who have been working online for Years and they don't make hardly Any money!! I'm so Glad that I joined TEAM ATLANTIS RISING and I plan on continuing to advertise for the Team as the more I advertise the Better my downline does.

Thanks Again.
My name is William Manuel and I am a single father of a wonderful 8 year old son named Tyler. Two years ago my wife passed away at the young age of 32, so to keep myself from going into a depression I decided to try to start making money online. I joined many so called "one of a kind", "better then all the rest", "unlike no other" teams and programs during my 2 years of marketing online. So after 2 years of dealing with horrible teams and fake programs I would never use those phony phrases to describe TEAM ATLANTIS RISING and Trafficwave. I honestly feel that would be a really big insult to them. TEAM ATLANTIS RISING and Trafficwave can only be described by their incredible professional reputation, and their unbelievable commitment to each individual members success. Also, I have never seen a team leader (Didi Wargo) as loyal and caring as she is for her fellow team members. She does everything she possibly can to help each of us succeed. My success and the teams success is a direct result of all her hard work. Joining TEAM ATLANTIS RISING and Trafficwave is the second best decision I have ever made in my life, marrying my wife and having our son was my first. Thankyou, Didi, TEAM ATLANTIS RISING and Trafficwave for finally letting me know that success online is not unachievable but a instead a reality!!! William Manual

Didi Wargo, Atlantis Team Leader

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