Using Traffic Exchanges is paramount to the success of Team Atlantis. The Team Splashpages have been designed to have maximum effect in the Traffic Exchanges as they are simple, eye-catching and to the point.

Using Safelists, text and banner ad sites are becoming more and more effective every day so be sure to add a few safelists to your arsenal.

Below you will find my favorite and recommended site.

AUTOSURF SITES: BAD, BAD, BAD.  Anybody using autosurf sites will not will not have their TW link in promotion by the team.  Autosurf sites are a waste of your credits because most everybody uses them so that they aren't tied to the computer and go mow the lawn or something.  Trust me, 95% of people on these sites are not viewing ads.  This defeats the purpose of advertising on these sites and does absolutely nothing for you or your team mates. I understand that there are members using some of them for the "manual" end of their site. However, I have no way of knowing whether you're using manual or auto in these sites. Therefore, all TEs that offer an autosite area are banned.

My Favorite 10 Traffic Exchanges:

If you are a member of Team Atlantis, click on the Member Only Special Only tab which is located under "Promoting Team Atlantis" to find special promotions for 6 of these TEs before joining these. Come back to these once you have viewed the specials.  If you do have the the User ID and Password, send me an email at oceanswellatlantis@gmail.com and I will send them to you.

realhitz4u.com See Member Only Specials First
soaring4traffic.com See Member Only Specials First
proclickexchange.com See Member Only Specials First
traffic-splash.com See Member Only Specials First
tezaktrafficpower.com  See Member Only Specials First


TIP 01: Time Spent Surfing

Some people do little or no surfing on the Traffic Exchanges and wonder why they are not getting anywhere. Set yourself a target to surf between one and two hours hour each day and those credits will soon build up.

TIP 02: Consider Upgrading your Membership

Traffic Exchanges offer many benefits for upgraded users such as a credits pack and higher surf ratio. The credits will be added to your account every month and save you a lot of time earning them. Upgrading costs a monthly fee and the price varies between each exchange.

TIP 03: Consider Purchasing Credits

If you want more visitors in a shorter time then you should consider purchasing credits instead of earning them. This will save you hours of surfing and prices are quite cheap starting at 2000 credits for only $10 in some exchanges.

TIP 04: Regularly Assign Credits and set Auto-Assign

Some exchanges allow you to set a percentage of credits you want to add to your URLs. A setting of 100% will automatically assign all earned credits to one URL. If you have two URLS you could set the auto-assign to 50% for each one. Some exchanges require you to manually assign your credits. I recommend you do this after each surfing session to make sure you are getting the benefit. If you win or earn extra credits while surfing, they must be assigned manually.


Safelists are another great way to reach folks interested in MLM. It is best to choose safelists that have large memberships and that deliver results.  I have received my best results from the following safelist sites.  You may join these for free.  Tip:  When joining, use an email address designated to receive safelist mailings from other safelist members.  It is not recommended that you use your regular business or personal email address.



Here is Team Atlantis' standard safelist letter. 

You may either enter your personal team page or your team ad tracker URL.  Entering your team ad URL will rack up hits for you with the team.  Entering your personal page will build subscribers for you in your Team Atlantis campain which translates to an awesome list.
Believe you me, if you are familiar with TrafficWave’s affiliate pay plan, you will not only be clicking on a link to earn your credit (s) but you will be clicking on our site link.
How would you like to receive unlimited PAID TrafficWave referrals?  Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well believe me; it is NOT too good to be true.
Please do yourself a favor and check out our brand new, never before seen system of recruiting PAID TrafficWave referrals. 


Cash In On Ads

Cash In On Ads (CIOA) is perfect for quick, effective banner advertising.  You may join this site for free but you will want to consider the one time $10.00 upgrade because CIOA also has an amazing affiliate pay plan.  100% of upgrades are paid to their sponsors.


The online ad network (TOAN)

This advertising venue is both banner ad and text advertising and is beyond compare.  Please watch this video.  This site even promotes your business in magazines and newspapers with great results. You can receive a free 15 trial.  The trick is to enter your ads and banners as many times as you can in a day every day.  The more you ad, the better your results.  :-)


Fire Fox add on Instructions:

If you don't already have firefox downloaded, you may use this link.


If the instructions given below do not work, it is due to different versions of firefox.  If this is the case, please click on the link below and then follow the instructions from there.

add-on link

After downloading, open your "group" of TE's that you surf...(if you only surf 6 at a time now, you can easily add another 4 to make a group of 10).

Log-in to all 10, launch the surfing function of all 10...then...
Click on "Tools"....upper left corner of Firefox Click on "Tab Mix Plus Options"

Click on "EVENTS"

Click on "Tab Features" Click in the "tic" box that says "Pressing F8 rotates tabs every _ seconds" and set the adjustable timer to 3 (seconds)...then click on "OK"...

Then press the F8 key......your browser now rotates Tabs every 3 seconds! Press F8 again to stop it from rotating.

So now you don't have to click on the next tab or hit CTRL + TAB to advance to the next Tab (TE)...it does it automatically!