Hello, my name is Didi Wargo and I am the very proud team leader for Team Atlantis Rising.

I'd like to continue by saying that I am NOT an online marketing Guru. I am not here to take advantage of anybody and I promise to always be an honest and ethical person.

I reside just outside of a very small town called Lucedale. Lucedale is located in the state of Mississippi and that is located in the United States. I am a mother of 2 beautiful grown girls and have four (4) adorable grand kids by my eldest daughter.

I worked in the administration field for 20 years before being laid off in 2007. I searched and searched for ‘regular’ work but could only find short term contract work at power plants. While I enjoyed the work because it involved a lot of travel, it wasn’t enough. In November of 2009, I decided to look online for work at home programs.

I started with the usual so called "work at home" opportunities, PPC sites, survey takers, blah blah blah.. and was basically just spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. Needless to say, I wasn't happy with any of them. Then one day, I came across an ad for OceanSwell. After much consideration, I decided to invest a little money and join. I will admit that I was skeptical and worried because I really didn't have the money to spare.

This turned out to be the best decision I could have made. After waiting my turn in the rotator and advertising like crazy, I received five (5) TrafficWave signups and was actually paid a very nice lump sum of money. I was ecstatic and knew at this point that TrafficWave and OceanSwell delivered on all the promises that were being made. I was so impressed that I chose to become a team leader. I haven't looked back since.

I absolutely love what I'm doing. I am totally committed to Team Atlantis Rising and its members. I am in it for the long haul and plan to continue helping people build real online incomes. It's very rewarding and I'm so very proud to be a part of it.

I 110% believe that I would not be successful if Team Atlantis Rising members aren't successful and that is how it has been since day one (1). Therefore, I can promise you that I am here for YOU as I am for all members before you. If you haven't joined us yet, please be careful when choosing the program that you want to be involved in. It's all about trust, isn't it?

Team Atlantis Rising is well established, proven, respected and trusted.

Thank you so much for visiting our site. If you haven’t joined us yet, I will be looking forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the one and only Team Atlantis Rising.
~Didi Wargo, Atlantis Rising Team Leader

Didi Wargo, Atlantis Team Leader oceanswellatlantis@gmail.com